We believe our first responsibility is to the health care companies and their hiring managers who use our services.

      In meeting their needs, we must conduct ourselves to the highest standards of professional conduct.

      We must accurately represent all details of each assignment, and respect all confidential information.

      We must remain abreast of the changes and trends within the pharmaceutical industry, in order to provide sound advice.

      We must do everything in our power to ensure a successful outcome long after each incumbents’ start date, and honour our guarantee without fail.

      We are responsible to our candidates, the men and women whose careers and lives we are profoundly affecting through our services.

      Each individual must be represented accurately, treated with the professionalism they deserve, and above all their own confidentiality honoured.

      We are responsible for providing an environment where our entrepreneurial spirit can flourish.  Our actions will be governed by the balance between client needs, industry best practices, uncompromising ethics, and respect for the individual.

      Our final responsibility is to our community.  We will generously support selected charities, bear our tax share, encourage better health, and respect both neighbours and our environment.  With these guiding principles, we will continually meet and strive to exceed our clients expectations.



We are determined to succeed.

Rx ProSearch Inc.

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